Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ovarian Cysts - "The battle can be won without surgery!"

"I won the battle against ovarian cysts without surgery!"
“I was 24 and ready to have my second child. Seems pretty normal and simple right? Well as many of you know sometime what we want isn’t always so simple. As women when we are in the “child bearing mode” we seem to be a little more in tune with our bodies, and mine was saying, “whatever!”  I first started noticing that I was having pain every other month during my cycle, which was unusual for me. I endured through it hoping getting pregnant would fix it. After almost a year I finally managed to get pregnant, but miscarried shortly after. When I went to the doctor after the miscarriage I was told that I had ovarian cysts, which was the cause of my pain and most likely caused the miscarriage. He told me that the cysts would most likely go away and give it a little time. Well the pain didn’t go away, in fact I started to have more intense pain and it was now every month.  When I went back to my doctor I was advised that since the cysts had not gone away that I should have them surgically removed.  I asked if having surgery would fix the problem and that the cysts would not return.  He said that getting pregnant can sometimes help with the cyst problem, but that the cysts made it much more unlikely to get pregnant. Talk about a “catch 22!”  I wanted to get pregnant, but having surgery to remove something that would most likely come back was a less than exciting choice to me. I decided to go a little longer and dive into the “mother’s gossip and information pool” and see what other women have done about this issue.
After several years of pain, a miscarriage and not able to get pregnant again, the cysts seemed to winning the battle. Then finally I was given the advice to contact Grandma’s Herbs.  I was told they had a product that was known to help women with similar issues. When I contacted them I found out about a product called, Kokoro Balance Cream, an all natural, plant based, product for women. It contains progesterone derived from Wild Yams. I was told that it has helped many young women with cysts and hormone balance problems. Once I read that the ingredients were all natural, I felt safe to give it a try. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it was very creamy, didn’t have a nasty odor and was easy to use.  After 3 weeks or so my pain had lessened tremendously.  Within a few months it was completely gone and shortly after that I got pregnant.  I was instructed that if I got pregnant while using the cream to stay on it during pregnancy to assist in my hormone balance.  Well, after giving birth I learned another life saving quality of Kokoro Balance Cream.  We as women also know that after going through pregnancy our hormones seem to become our enemy and fight back sending us into an emotional rollercoaster!  As I continued to use the cream after delivery, I didn’t experience the hormone battle either, what a blessing!
I tell everyone I know about this awesome product that has helped me so much! I feel as though I took charge of my body, but did it naturally. I will ever be grateful to Grandma’s Herbs and their willingness to patiently answer my questions and genuinely care about my well being.  I have called on their knowledge and used their products for years now and have never been healthier!”
Michell Powers

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  1. Michell you are such an amazingly strong woman that I look up to endlessly